Wondering what exactly a title company is? We sat down with our local Chicago Title Company and they explained just what exactly it is they do and offer!


See below from our local title representative Stacy Brown as a general breakdown of how they work!

“Once we get the contract we “open title” meaning our plant will start examining the property listed on the contract. It takes about 3 business days to get our “title commitment“ back, this document tells us who is in title and if there are any judgment or liens on the property. If there are any judgments & liens on the property this is where we start working with the Realtor and clients to gather information needed to correct these items, as we cannot close on the property until we have all items cured

While we are curing issues on the file we are also working with the buyers’ Lender to get them all the required documentation they need in order to do their part. Once we have cured all the issues and the buyers’ lender is ready to close we then get documents from the lender and start working the file up.

Once it’s worked up we get the buyers and sellers scheduled and we CLOSE! After all, parties have signed at closing, we then send all signed docs to the lender for approval to “FUND” and then we can disburse the file!”


This is, of course, a general breakdown, but we are available for any more questions you may have! As always if you have any comments questions or concerns at all, feel free to reach out and we are here to help!