Looking for a change in career? Ready to be your own boss, set your own hours, and decide EXACTLY how much you want to make? We are here, and ready to help! We have taken the liberty in breaking it down into a few steps. Interested in our scholarship info as well? Be sure to reach out!



  • First, every Tuesday and Thursday we have orientation at 1:30PM at our Clear Lake office! Of course let them know we sent you, and let us know if you want to make a reservation! Address: 18050 Saturn Ln #100, Houston, TX 77058


  • After attending our orientation, if you think you have what it takes to become a Rockstar agent, we start the coursework! Classes are available online anytime on YOUR schedule to make it a breeze!


  • The big tests! Once you’ve passed your exam the big moment arrives, we can help you study and prep for the state and national exam!


  • After you pass your exams, congrats, you’re licensed and ready to start working!


  • Lastly, joining a team is the biggest decision in real estate, we would love to see if you’d be a great fit here with us and look forward to our first interview together!